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Until recently only large employers were taking advantage of Outsourcing the administration of company benefits. Why would large companies outsource when they had the staff and economies of scale to deliver this service for themselves to themselves? The answer lies in the opportunity outsourcing provides to increase the Return On Investment (ROI) that is a direct result of improving profit margins. Although it may be difficult to measure internal cost reductions, cost savings are immediate.

If your company is like many, HR spending for new ideas or programs is frequently eliminated and is the first budget to be cut as increases in healthcare costs continues to erode a greater share of profit margins. Ironically, it is HR resources that provide a more positive impact to the bottom line by focusing on strategic activities and solutions. The question then is, “How do we lower costs and increase utilization of current assets to produce a greater margin of profit?”

The answer may lie in a corner stone of running a successful business that is achieved by providing your product or service at a lower cost than your competition. Compounding your success is the opportunity to redeploy current HR assets to focus on strategic activities that improve your bottom line. The Monaco Benefit Group, LLC will show you how to compound your ability to achieve a competitive advantage. As your Outsourcing Administrator for Employee Benefit Programs, we will provide economies of scale by replacing the time spent on repetitive, mundane paper pushing tasks with the time necessary to produce bottom line improvements. In addition, the Monaco Benefits Group, LLC will administer and manage your Employee Benefit Programs by providing the same economies of scale that the large corporations utilize so that your employees will have access 24/7, get the education they need to make informed decisions, and receive prompt answers their questions.

As an independent, the Monaco Benefits Group will work with the employee benefit providers to find the best alternatives upon which Human Resources and Finance areas can make intelligent and cost effective decisions.

The Monaco Benefits Group has grown significantly over the past two decades because of the working philosophy used every day, “Always do what is right for the client and the rest will take care of itself.” It is this philosophy that has contributed to our success and created long lasting relationships as well as the fact that we are always looking for ways to reduce your costs. This makes it easy to do business with the Monaco Benefits Group.